5 Hidden reasons Google Business profiles are suspended

We discovered 5 "unwritten" rules that can trigger the suspension of Google Business Profiles without warning. Here’s what to watch out for.


Author: Benny Fragomeli


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If you work with local businesses then you know that the suspension of a Google Business Profile can be a nightmare for your clients. 

Recently we discovered 5 "unwritten" rules that can trigger the suspension of Google Business Profiles without warning. Here’s what to watch out for: 

1: Physical address violations - Google has strict rules for the types of addresses that are eligible for Google Business Profiles. Some of the most violated guidelines include using a P.O. Box address, a UPS Box address, or a virtual office or co-working space address. None of these addresses are allowed. The only rare exception is a co-working space address that meets specific criteria.

2: Making significant changes to a profile - Editing core information on a Google Business Profile such as the business name, address, phone number, or business categories can trigger a suspension. Google may find it suspicious if these key areas get edited.

3: Stuffing the business name with keywords - Adding extra words to your company name like a city name or keywords is not a good idea. Keyword stuffing your business name may help you rank higher, but it's not worth the risk of getting your Google Business Profile suspended.

4: Two businesses sharing the same address or phone number - Google generally doesn't like it when two businesses share the same address or phone number. The rule primarily prevents home-based businesses from creating multiple Business Profiles at their home address or a single business from creating more than one business at one location/address.

5: Someone reported supposed violations to Google – A business owner doesn’t have much control over this one. If someone reports violations to Google, it may be up to the business to prove themselves innocent. However, if there are no other clear violations beyond a competitor or angry customer making unsubstantiated claims, Google may ignore the reporting.

While a business may get away with violating Google’s guidelines for a while, it will catch up with them eventually. Therefore, businesses need to be careful when creating their Google Business Profiles, ensuring they comply with Google's guidelines and avoiding violating any of the "unwritten" rules.

And if you work with local businesses, making sure they comply with these rules is one more benefit you can offer your cus

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Benny has decades of experience web development, ecommerce, internet marketing and create card processing. Benny started his career in computer programming in the early 90's and moved into affiliate marketing in 1999 becoming Capital One Banks first interest affiliate and quickly became one of their top super affiliates. As an affiliate he promoted everything from financial service to all kinds of products in his online mall. He later started a successfully ecommerce business selling high ticket fitness products. By selling high ticket products it quickly became apparent that the fees taken by credit card processors were excessive, which lead him to start his own credit card processing business. This allowed him to sign himself up for the lowest rates for credit card processing. He also created a website/blog dedicated to credit card processing news and information to help other business owners. As an internet marketer he has been involved in many internet related subjects, such as managing large advertising accounts with ad networks like Google Ads, Microsoft Ad Center and more. From the beginning he has always created his own websites and therefore has extensive knowledge with html and css. He is currently with MobiFirst as a team leader and is developing websites for MobiFirst as well as templates for the MobiFirst platforms.

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