Can’t Decide on a Niche? Try This


Author: Benny Fragomeli

Make a List: Write down all the things you love or have a keen interest in. Don’t try to edit the list, just write things down and see what pops up. If there’s something on that list that makes you emotional, you may have found your niche.

Research: Conduct research on the various niches that interest you. Look at the demand for products or services in those niches, the competition and the potential profitability. 

Locate Products: Find out what products and services are available to promote as an affiliate. Can you get excited about these?

Experiment: If you’ve got the time and resources you could try a couple of different niches to see which one takes hold. Ask yourself if these are niches you would like to continue working in for years to come. 

Network: Connect with other online marketers in various niches and learn from their experiences. What do they love about their niche? What would they change if they could? What drives them crazy?

Analyze your skills: Consider your own strengths and skills to see which niches align with your abilities. You might love a certain niche, but if your knowledge or abilities don’t align with that topic, you might be better choosing something else.Guy looking at computer

Find your passion: If you are able to choose a niche you're passionate about, then you're more likely to put in the time and effort needed to succeed. Working on something you love is like riding a bicycle downhill. It takes less effort and it’s far more enjoyable than going uphill. Keep in mind that passion isn’t required but it can certainly make things easier. In fact, if you love your niche enough, it can feel like you’re getting paid to play.

Finding the right niche for you can have a significant impact on the success of your online marketing efforts. 


About the author:

Benny has decades of experience in web development, ecommerce, internet marketing and credit card processing. Benny started his career in computer programming in the early 90's and moved into affiliate marketing in 1999, becoming Capital One Banks first internet affiliate and quickly became one of their top super affiliates. As an affiliate he promoted everything from financial service to all kinds of products in his online mall. He later started a successfully ecommerce business selling high ticket fitness products. By selling high ticket products it quickly became apparent that the fees taken by credit card processors were excessive, which lead him to start his own credit card processing business. This allowed him to sign himself up for the lowest rates for credit card processing. He also created a website/blog dedicated to credit card processing news and information to help other business owners. As an internet marketer he has been involved in many internet related subjects, such as managing large advertising accounts with ad networks like Google Ads, Microsoft Ad Center and more. From the beginning he has always created his own websites and therefore has extensive knowledge with html and css. He is currently with MobiFirst as a team leader and is developing websites for MobiFirst as well as templates for the MobiFirst platforms.

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