Generative Artificial Intelligence Coming Soon To Google Ads


Author: Benny Fragomeli


Good Ad AI Project

The AI will generate ads by remixing creative content (images, videos, text) to target specific audiences and meet campaign objectives. Google is set to integrate generative artificial intelligence into its advertising business in the coming months, joining other major tech companies in adopting the technology.

The company plans to use AI to generate unique ads using materials provided by human marketers.

The new technology will be integrated into Performance Max, a program offered by Google since 2020 that uses an algorithm to determine ad placement, budget allocation, and simple ad copy creation.

Generative AI opens up new possibilities for creativity. While Google already employs AI in its advertising to create simple prompts that encourage users to make purchases, the introduction of generative AI will enable the creation of more sophisticated campaigns akin to those made by marketing agencies.

Advertisers can submit creative content such as images, videos, and text related to a campaign, and the AI will “remix” these materials to generate ads that target specific audiences and meet objectives like sales targets, according to the presentation.

Google’s integration of generative AI into its ads platform offers the potential to increate ad creativity and sofistication of advertisers ad campaigns. By utilizing AI, advertisers can benefit from customized ads that target specific audiences and help to better meet their objectives, such as sales targets. As a result, this technology can lead to improved conversion rates and more effective marketing strategies, allowing businesses a more competitive edge in the digital advertising landscape.

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Benny has decades of experience web development, ecommerce, internet marketing and create card processing. Benny started his career in computer programming in the early 90's and moved into affiliate marketing in 1999 becoming Capital One Banks first interest affiliate and quickly became one of their top super affiliates. As an affiliate he promoted everything from financial service to all kinds of products in his online mall. He later started a successfully ecommerce business selling high ticket fitness products. By selling high ticket products it quickly became apparent that the fees taken by credit card processors were excessive, which lead him to start his own credit card processing business. This allowed him to sign himself up for the lowest rates for credit card processing. He also created a website/blog dedicated to credit card processing news and information to help other business owners. As an internet marketer he has been involved in many internet related subjects, such as managing large advertising accounts with ad networks like Google Ads, Microsoft Ad Center and more. From the beginning he has always created his own websites and therefore has extensive knowledge with html and css. He is currently with MobiFirst as a team leader and is developing websites for MobiFirst as well as templates for the MobiFirst platforms.

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