The Color of Wealth: How a Simple Yellow Object Will Transform Your Business


Author: Benny Fragomeli

Compulsive shooer

The next time you want to reach for your credit card to buy that latest, greatest shiny object, take a second to ask yourself two questions:

First, “Will this help my business?”

Is this something that maybe sounds wonderful but you know you’ll probably never use it?

Or you’re trying to figure out how you might be able to use it?

In either case, it’s not for you. If this purchase cannot be put to immediate use in your business, then bookmark the URL in case you ever need it in the future, and let it go. 99 times out of 100, you will never revisit the page. Now then, let’s talk about the second question, the one that can transform your business.

If you’re reading the offer online, then you’ll need to copy the offer into a word program. If you’re reading it on paper, then grab your yellow highlighter.Shinny objects

Here’s the million-dollar question:

“What is it about this sales copy that makes me want to buy?”

What did you read that made you want to press that buy now button?

Was it the headline? The lead in? The offer? A certain benefit? The list of bullets points? The crazy guarantee? The testimonials?

Highlight each word, sentence or paragraph that you found especially persuasive.

When you’ve highlighted these sections, you’ll have that much more understanding of how to create your own offers that others cannot resist.

And you’ll also be building your own copywriting swipe file you can refer to time and time again when creating your own copy.

By studying sales copy, you’re studying the language of persuasion that convinces customers to buy a product.

You will discover how to craft compelling messages that resonate with your own target audience. You’ll gain insight into the psychology of persuasion and learn how to use language to evoke emotions and persuade people to take action, just as you wanted to hit that buy now button yourself.

And instead of spending money on products you don’t need, you’ll be using your real life or virtual highlighter to learn the art and skill of persuading people to open their wallets and hand you their credit card.


About the author:

Benny has decades of experience web development, ecommerce, internet marketing and create card processing. Benny started his career in computer programming in the early 90's and moved into affiliate marketing in 1999 becoming Capital One Banks first interest affiliate and quickly became one of their top super affiliates. As an affiliate he promoted everything from financial service to all kinds of products in his online mall. He later started a successfully ecommerce business selling high ticket fitness products. By selling high ticket products it quickly became apparent that the fees taken by credit card processors were excessive, which lead him to start his own credit card processing business. This allowed him to sign himself up for the lowest rates for credit card processing. He also created a website/blog dedicated to credit card processing news and information to help other business owners. As an internet marketer he has been involved in many internet related subjects, such as managing large advertising accounts with ad networks like Google Ads, Microsoft Ad Center and more. From the beginning he has always created his own websites and therefore has extensive knowledge with html and css. He is currently with MobiFirst as a team leader and is developing websites for MobiFirst as well as templates for the MobiFirst platforms.

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