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Introducing MobiFirst University Training

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With Our University Training You Will Learn
How To Use Styling And CSS To Completely Customize
The Look And Feel Of Your MobiFirst Websites

As well as Silvio's tips and tricks to optimizing your websites to be EVEN faster!
The modules you will go through are:


Site Speed Optimization:  Make the Internet's fastest websites, EVEN FASTER!


CSS Basics:  Get a firm understanding of what CSS is, how it's written and how it can be used to customize styles and layouts of any web page.


MobiFirst CSS:  Dive deeply into the structure of your MF website, discovering all the right classes and definitions that will allow you to personalized your pages in incredible detail.


Advanced CSS:  Learn how you can use media queries, flexbox and other modern CSS techniquest to stay always ahead of the curve and make your life as a web master even easier.

There will be 6 hours total of LIVE training that WILL be Recorded,

So you can easily go back, reference, and study everything Silvio covers!


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For Only $297

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